Tammy Eberle 
Mixed Media Art

             Tammy Eberle is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist. Her abstract painting process investigates playful approaches to using acrylic and oil paint through sculptural applications of mixed media onto a surface. Minimalistic compositions allow her to illuminate the personalities of the paint and materials. Tammy's paintings are energized by reflections of vibrant landscapes from worldly travels, and nostalgic memories of growing up by the water.
      Glass is a material newly integrated into her practice. Tammy's painting and glasswork greatly impact each other. With specific focus on water patterns as inspiration throughout the glass blowing process, her appreciation of landscapes in painting inform the glass designs. The glasswork inspires her painting by studying the patterns of color and movement of the glass as it’s formed. Glass frit consists of tiny pieces of colored glass, which enable a way of painting patterns into the glasswork in its liquid state. There is an overlap of influence from each medium.
       Tammy's ceramic process has become a main focus of her art. Her work with clay emanates a love for the craft of ceramics, with particular interest in contemporary and traditional Japanese pottery rituals. She studies the use of color and painting techniques paired with the exploration of shapes to form both irregular and flawless contours in the clay bodies. She revels in the creative process throughout each life stage of the material towards the final design of a ceramic form.
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Tammy Eberle Art
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